The committee is delighted to announce several new appointments.

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Sealed Bids to Mike Raftree Please

You will all be aware of the portraits which have been on display at the Club with tickets being sold and a draw scheduled at the Seniors Turkey Trot competition on Wednesday 18th December.

Jim has also donated further portraits which Mike Raftree (Seniors Captain) would like to market as “sealed bids”. Please place any bid in an envelope to Mike Raftree via the payments box at the Club.

He is also receptive to bids by phone 07585 606956 or email

The draw will be made at the Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday 14th December.


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You may be aware that from January 1st this year the Club introduced free liability insurance for all of our members – called Golf Guard Option 1. This will continue throughout the year and includes Hole in One cover for official Club competitions, Congratulations to Nige Mosson who aced the 5th hole on Fund Raising Day and he has now been reimbursed through the scheme.

Full details of this free Option 1 are available in the Members Lounge <<CLICK HERE>>.

At the same time we offered the Option 4 addition to cover up to £2000 worth of equipment plus increased benefits but we needed 30 members to join before this scheme became operative.

Unfortunately to date only 6 members have submitted application forms and the General Committee have therefore decided that this Option will no longer be available.


As you have probably heard, the way in which golf handicaps will be calculated around the world is about to be transformed. Known as the SLOPE system, this new system has three main objectives
  1. to encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a handicap; 
  2. to enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to transport their handicap to any course globally and compete on a fair and equitable basis;
  3. to indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions.

This will mean that player’s handicaps “may” change either up or down depending on the SLOPE rating of the course being played. It is anticipated that the SLOPE system will come into effect sometime in 2020 but before it can be introduced, all courses in the country have to be rated.

As a member of the Gloucester Golf Union (GGU) Rating Team, I recently took part in a course rating of the Minchinhampton New Course (The Avening). I thought that it may be of interest to share my experience with you on how Course Ratings are assessed; its pretty technical and involves precise measurements against a number of criteria which then enable different courses to be compared pretty objectively. 

The Process:

The course is measured from the 3 tees, White, Yellow and Red. Points are awarded and these form the basis of the final rating. All 18 holes are measured based on the following: 

1.     First assessment is whether the green (when it can be seen) is significantly higher or lower than the tee. 

2.     Next a measurement is taken from all 3 tees to the fairway. 

3.     Distances are then measured from all 3 tees to a point on the fairway. These distances are based on 2 criteria – Scratch or Bogey golfer. 
First Measurement: White / Yellow Tees: Scratch Golfer 250 yards Bogey Golfer 200 yards 
Red (Ladies Tees) Scratch Golfer 210 yards Bogey Golfer 150 yards 

4.     The width of the fairway is measured at this point, followed by a measurement from both edges of the fairway to any hazards e.g. AOB, Rough, Tree etc. 

5.     Measurements are then taken for further distances from the point above; Male Golfers. Scratch 220 yards Bogey 170 yards?Lady Golfers: Scratch 190 yards Bogey 130 yards 

If within these distances the green is reached then proceed to the green, if not measurements are again taken of the fairway width and hazards. In addition the nature, density and height of all trees along the complete hole is taken into account and the final “tree rating” reflects the difficulty that those trees pose to a golfer trying to recover from them. 

6.     Upon reaching the green it is measured for length and width. Also taken into account is the speed of the green and any significant slopes. 

7.     Next the bunkers are measured for their depth different marks are given depending on the depth Under 3ft, 3-5 ft above 5ft etc. 

When we had done this for every hole, all the information was taken away and will be loaded into a spreadsheet that will eventually produce the SLOPE rating. 

All in all a very educational and enjoyable day. I am sure that my game will benefit from having an understanding what measurements contribute to Course difficulty and hopefully this will give you some food for thought.

If you are interested to learn more about course rating from the GGU << CLICK HERE >>.

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